Bale Mountains Authentic Tours

Explore Bale Mountains National Park holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. | The Bale Mountains National Park is known for its wildlife more than any other park in Ethiopia, but it’s a very beautiful place, too. Approaching from Dodola, ridges to the east are punctuated with fortress-like escarpments, standing out from the gentler, rounded rock pinnacles to the north, and great wildlife watching begins as soon as the road cuts through the Gaysay Grassland in the valley between them, which is home to Ethiopia’s densest concentration of large mammals.

The bale mountains national park established in early 1970th and nominated in 2009 to the world heritage tentative list. Bale mountains national park IS A NATIONAL PARK IN ETHIOPIA WITH ONE OF THE HIGHEST INCIDENES OF ANIMAL ENDEMICITY OF TERRISTERIAL HABITAT IN THE WORLD.